Sunflower Field


We had to buy some to take home.


Obsessed with this ring!! Info below



Hey guys!

These were taken recently in the dreamy sunflower field at Colby Farm. I think I’ve already made it pretty clear I like flowers, so you won’t be surprised that I was thrilled about this excursion. I HAD to go when I learned of this place via my friend Andrea’s snapchat. I instantly messaged her asking where it was and decided to go in the next few days. It did not disappoint. Only a few of these pictures show the real scale of the field, but believe me when I say they go on and on and on.

I bought this dress from Loft specifically with frolicking in mind. I have very fair skin, and have always felt pretty in soft pink. So when I saw this flowy, romantic dress in the store earlier this summer, I was tempted to buy it. But I’m practical with money and couldn’t justify spending so much when I had no reason for the dress. But it was on sale a few weeks later, and I got it. I’m so happy I did.

This ring is beautiful. It’s by Daisy London who I discovered after choosing a name for this blog. Their pieces are incredible, and I want to buy up their whole website. The specific ring I’m wearing is the English Daisy. It makes me happy every time I see it on my hand. I love dainty jewelry nowadays, and the flower is the perfect size on my finger.

And last thing before I shut up, the night before we went, I dyed my hair this light auburn, and I’m living for it. I’ve since gotten a trim and bangs, which you’ll see in a couple days on here or earlier on my insta. I have so much new content coming, and I’m very excited about it! I’ve been doing at least one shoot a week, and it’s making me so happy. Happy happy happy!

Thanks, love ya!

Looks I’m Loving

This spring, I was sitting at my laptop in class (during my last semester of college) getting excited for summer. I planned out this whole list of things I wanted to buy and things I wanted to do. (You know–the usual bucket list idea but with many links to sunglasses.) By no means have I kept to this list faithfully, but I have used it as an inspiration board of sorts. Heck, this blog came out of it!

And now that it’s here, this summer has been full of some of my favorite trends of all time. So I thought I’d do a list of some of those styles that I’ve been obsessing over for the past few months. I hope someone agrees with me on this list or feels inspired to try something new.

  1. Linen everything
  2. Straw/basket bags –> see my new teeny one here
  3. Little scarves worn as neckerchiefs, around topknots, or as headbands as I did below
  4. Poppy or red-orange –> In the photos below, I’m wearing Stila’s balm lipstick in Valentina (which is on super sale right now. I SO recommend this product. I want it in more colors now.)
  5. Butter yellow
  6. Espadrilles –> see my new striped flats here
  7. Cullottes
  8. Overalls in all shapes and forms
  9. Jumpsuits
  10. Slide sandals
  11. Blouses that wrap/tie –> as evidenced by this Pinterest board
  12. Hardly any makeup –> In these pictures, I’m wearing mascara and the Stila lipbalm, but otherwise I have a naked face. It feels really good to let my skin breathe. Lately, I’ve been lazy and unmotivated some days and too hot to want to have foundation melt off my face other days, but it’s ended up the same way–my naked skin. There are days where I’m insecure about my dark under-eyes or redness around my mouth, but overall, I feel comfortable in my naked face.

Now for my Americana look we shot in Rockport the other day: Gap overalls (currently sold out), lipcolor, Longchamp, sunglasses, Adidas, scarf, ballet tee


A Concord Afternoon

The other day, my mom and I spent a very hot afternoon in the center of Concord, MA. Concord is the cutest town–full of ivy-covered brick buildings, old farmhouses, blooming bushes, and darling antique shops. Every time I’m there, it feels like I should stay forever.

We poked into sweet little boutiques and ate the yummiest lunch at this restaurant. And oh my goodness, go go GO Go GO. It was so yummy! We split this amazing meatball grilled cheese, beautiful watermelon salad, and refreshing peach Italian soda. I’m still thinking about the grilled cheese. They’re easily one of my favorite foods. I crave them just about everyday, and it takes just about all my willpower to not eat them all the time.

I wore an Old Navy off-the-shoulder dress with a messy topknot, my new espadrilles from Nordstrom, these fun daisy sunnies from Lord & Taylor, and this matte lipstick in Carina by Stila.
On our way home from lunch and window shopping, we stopped by Bedford Farms to get ice cream because it was National Ice Cream Day? I don’t think that’s a real thing, but it made for a yummy treat and a cute Snapchat post. There’s something so summery and New England-y about a soft serve twist with “jimmies” on it.

IMG_3339 - CopyIMG_3342IMG_3354IMG_3347IMG_3363

The restaurant
Peep my sweet mama in my shades!




There’s no glamorous way to eat a melting ice cream cone


Hi I’m Rachel, and I’m starting a thing. You’ve gotta start somewhere, and I decided if I wait for the perfect time, shots, content ideas, etc., I’ll be waiting forever. My goal for myself was to start at the beginning of July, so here goes!

I went plant shopping this Saturday with my mom, and it was HOT. We’d already been running errands and lugging mulch and soil around in preparation for a huge gardening day. So before we went to Mahoney’s, I hopped into this easy, breezy jumpsuit to go buy too many flowers.  I also have it in a black floral print, and I’ve been wearing them a lot this summer when I want something effortless and comfy. And these espadrilles I just got are to diiiie for! Continue reading “Hello!”