Apple Picking


I discovered in September that I’m a bad apple picker. To start with, we went on a rainy Monday and I wore suede flats. Like, what kind of choice is that? So naturally, they got soaked through within minutes, and I was cold the rest of the day. Next time I’ll wear my bean boots or a pair of rain boots. Lesson learned.


It had been over a decade since I’d been so I was unpracticed at the actual picking part. I can peel apples, cut them, bake them in pies, etc, but I’m apparently bad at the tree-removal portion. I genuinely struggled and laughed my way through the whole experience. Here’s proof:


This blurry jumping pic is so funny. Also, my legs look like they’ve genuinely never seen sunshine before.
We ended up with lots of pictures with “I can’t get it off the tree” faces.

But I managed to get enough apples to fill the huge bag they’d given us before it started raining again. And I think my first baking shoot will be coming soon 🙂

It was humid, so I wore a breezy dress (on sale right now). I threw on my monogram necklace I got off etsy ages ago and a ring my sweet Nana gave me years ago. Oh, and I wore my fitbit I bought this summer from Nordstrom and wear just about all the time.


Let me know how you feel about this pumpkin spicey hair color!


Thanks for scrollin, see ya soon!

XOXO Rachel


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