Sunflower Field


We had to buy some to take home.


Obsessed with this ring!! Info below



Hey guys!

These were taken recently in the dreamy sunflower field at Colby Farm. I think I’ve already made it pretty clear I like flowers, so you won’t be surprised that I was thrilled about this excursion. I HAD to go when I learned of this place via my friend Andrea’s snapchat. I instantly messaged her asking where it was and decided to go in the next few days. It did not disappoint. Only a few of these pictures show the real scale of the field, but believe me when I say they go on and on and on.

I bought this dress from Loft specifically with frolicking in mind. I have very fair skin, and have always felt pretty in soft pink. So when I saw this flowy, romantic dress in the store earlier this summer, I was tempted to buy it. But I’m practical with money and couldn’t justify spending so much when I had no reason for the dress. But it was on sale a few weeks later, and I got it. I’m so happy I did.

This ring is beautiful. It’s by Daisy London who I discovered after choosing a name for this blog. Their pieces are incredible, and I want to buy up their whole website. The specific ring I’m wearing is the English Daisy. It makes me happy every time I see it on my hand. I love dainty jewelry nowadays, and the flower is the perfect size on my finger.

And last thing before I shut up, the night before we went, I dyed my hair this light auburn, and I’m living for it. I’ve since gotten a trim and bangs, which you’ll see in a couple days on here or earlier on my insta. I have so much new content coming, and I’m very excited about it! I’ve been doing at least one shoot a week, and it’s making me so happy. Happy happy happy!

Thanks, love ya!

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